🏆 TSG Boost Game Jam 2022 - Best Music And Sounds Winner

Tahk - Thek - Thor is inspired by life itself - where doubt, insecurity and low self-esteem are eager to creep in uninvited, whenever there's a chance.

This narrative tic-tac-toe game tells the story of Thorsten son of Earth.

This young man tries to battle his internal demons that come in dreams.

Dark evil is trying to drag Thorsten in to the Darkness, Demons will try to use his self-doubt and dark memories to shatter his will in their twisted games. 

To overcome the dark powers Thorsten shall recall all the good things people have told him and muster all the positive thoughts at his disposal to defeat the demons and wake up. 

The cards in your hand are memories, praises, positive thoughts - use them wisely against the demons in the dark atmospheric dream world of Thak-Thek-Thor. 

Don't allow yourself to be carried away by the music. Save Thorsten.


* Adds new AI behaviours

* Fixes graphic issues

* Minor bugfixing


Trailer 14 MB
Tahk_Thek_Thor.zip 42 MB
MAC_Tahk_Thek_Thor.zip 51 MB

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